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This blog is an account of my rather convoluted and miracle-filled life.

Despite the fact that I am neither rich nor famous nor in fact particularly successful, I have still lived a life that has been a source of amazement and somehow also a source of encouragement to those who have heard it.

The primary story focuses on my adoption and subsequent determination to find my biological family.

Despite a few hundred misgivings I have also decided to include the rather shadowy and occasionally downright ridiculous life-decisions that I have made over the years. My reasoning is that the dark days were the places that I learnt the most. It was surviving the crazy that gave me the strength to reach further and it was believing the illogical that allowed me to finally create the miracles.

I am purposefully NOT writing this in chronological order. As I remember, I write. The story is still unfolding so there is much I cannot know or explain. There may come a time when it will be necessary to create a sense of order in the story, but for now I prefer to let it flow.

I have also chosen to create pseudonyms for all the people involved so my writing will be peppered with very strange names. I will attempt not to insult anyone…

Being a fairly word-intensive human I have also begun to write about the country I lived in and my take on the world at large and YES, I am occasionally the thing that won’t shut up!

So brace yourselves and let the crazy free … because these may in fact be the droids you’re looking for!

If you want to email:


I am happy to hear from you and to reply. I have no problem with either praise or constructive criticism, BUT if you are rude and offensive┬áI any way, please feel free to bugger off….. yep! I really said that!

Toodles xx

UPDATE: I have just started a new blog called Global Patching – http://www.globalpatching.wordpress.com.

It is my new platform to rant and rave over worldly news.

Lordy it’s gonna be fun!

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  1. I started to write a reply to your comment on my site and spirit decided it needed to expand a little so I’ve brought it to you. Never give up on yourself, the whole journey is about finding that love within. It means going through some very tough honesty within yourself, forgiving you and others (and from personal experience that is sometimes very hard), then releasing it all so you can be that truth of being that beautiful loving person within. Writing is one of the most healing expressions that there is, that and talking it out, whether that is with someone or on your own. You may think that last comment odd but try it. Give yourself some privacy and start to speak what you feel and why you feel that way. It feels extremely awkward to start with because you ARE speaking your truth. It is for you and no other. No need to try and convince someone of something, just you. And it now boils down to being honest and loving to yourself. And releasing all those hurts that have been a part of you for so long. Just remember, this journey has always been about you, and how you are feeling and coping with your circumstances. Find what is really causing the pain within, get to the feelings of how it really makes you feel. Rejected, unloved and probably very isolated even though others are all around. When you find that core pain and understand why you feel that way, it will create a release for you and you can begin the path of healing and then begin to give to yourself and create a love that is based on that understanding. Your new truth of what you will now become. Good luck with it, and always believe within. Namaste


    1. Thank you for taking the time to write this-people seldom step out with the courage to speak what’s been put on their hearts. I will honour your reply and take the time to think about what you’ve said. Namaste.


    1. Thank you kindly for the mention and congratulations you humble scotty you! Seriously congrats! Laughed myself silly at your response!


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