Nature – The true Diva!

The top of Table Mountain this year - Cape Town
The top of Table Mountain this year – Cape Town

It’s been snowing in Africa, on distant mountains far, far that-away, not near to Cape Town……….

This is Africa for heavens sake! It doesn’t snow here…..

Today we had an earthquake in Johannesburg – 5.5 on the Richter scale, which is mild compared to the rest of the world, but again – this is Africa, we don’t have earthquakes….not really? Do we?

Over 400 homes destroyed
Over 400 homes destroyed

All the great and terrible plans we make, and nature comes along and dumps us on our asses!

Life is precious and truly unpredictable. These events remind me that anything is possible, both good and bad and halfway in – between.

We are guests and guardians on this planet we claim to own and order. So tread lightly and lovingly upon the earth – reach for every moment to create beauty and joy in your lives.

Nature will be bound to have the last say…and her voice cannot be ignored.




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    1. you are brilliant, you do know that?????


  1. Strange weather days. It’s awful to think of the effect earthquakes have on the lives of so many. The unexpected wreaking havoc. I hope things settle.
    There are seven words jumping out at me here begging for a poem. Might have a work on it and would link back to you if that’s ok with you?


    1. me too! and yeah honey go write up a storm…….earthquake….crap joke I know!


  2. chatycat says:

    Soo true!!! And snow in Africa is definitely weird!!!


    1. the world is impossible to order and control, we have run amok and now the earth is responding…gulp!


  3. Sorry to hear what is happening to your world. Yes, mother nature always has the last say and we bow before her. Except those that prefer to rape and pillage to their hearts content. She will have more to say to them I expect as time unfolds. Love and light to all, that you may come through it safely. Namaste


    1. well Cape Town has thus far been spared major nature rage, long may it continue….


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